Diaper Changing Tips For Careful Mothers

Babies are the blessings of God and mothers are the protector of those blessing. Are you a protector of an angel?

Are you a new mother? If yes, I know you want to give the best to your child, every mother wants. No mother doesn’t treat her child as a prince or princess. However, being a mother isn’t an easy job.

That’s why God gives the right to being a mother to a woman, as they have more patience than men! 😉 If you want to be the best mother in the world, you should read this article. This may help you a bit.

Taking care of a baby isn’t an easy task. You need to be very careful about every little thing. However, people often thought changing a baby diaper is not a tough job. I ensure you whoever says that never changed a single diaper.

You need to be very careful while changing a baby’s diaper as a child is very soft and easily get hurt. I will discuss some steps about how you can turn a baby’s diaper and some practical and healthy tips regarding this topic.

How to Change a baby’s diaper: Step by Step Guide

Step one:

First, you need to wash your hand correctly. It is the essential tips before starting to change the diaper. You don’t have any idea how much germs is in your hand. So clean your hand properly

Step Two:

If you don’t have any particular area for this I strongly recommend you to choose a specific place for this. Changing diaper here and there isn’t a healthy way even those can spread germs.

The excellent idea is to purchase a diaper changing table and a perfect diaper changing pad. If you want to buy the best changing pad and table for your baby, you need to spend some cash. But as your baby is a prince or princess to you I don’t think a little bit expensive for him/her isn’t a big deal.

Diaper Changing TipsStep three:

Always keep all the changing accessories (new diaper, wipes, gloves, a clean towel, and clean clothes) near the changing table but never put them on the table.

Now gently put your baby on the changing table, place the new diaper under the baby and clean the baby completely. Wipe everything with a clean and soft piece of cloth.

Always wipe from front to back to avoid infection. If you have a baby boy, always keep a cloth over his penis while you are changing his diaper. Keep your baby’s bottom dry always.

Step four:

Now gently remove the old diaper and throw it into the plastic bag or in the diaper pail. If you are not using a pail, don’t forget to read our diaper pail reviews to get the right one. Tie the new diaper as the instruction. Be gentle, don’t hurt your baby. Remember they are very soft.

Step five:

The Changing process is done. Now take a little time, talk with the baby, sing a song or do any funny thing. She/he will find the process entertaining next time if you sometimes play after the changing process or during the changing process.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is something almost every child have to face especially during the first year. It’s kind of skin disease in which your baby’s diaper area looks irritated and red. You will see some rash in the diaper area. Every mother should be cautious about diaper rash.

Diaper change: Some significant  (Bonus) tips

  • Remember during diaper changing year; your nails should be short and filed correctly. Otherwise, you can harm your baby.
  • Always wash your hand thoroughly and dry it before starting the changing procedure.
  • Change the diaper often. Don’t keep your child wet for so long. It increases the chance of diaper rash.
  • Always avoid plastic pants for your child also doesn’t tighten the diaper so much. Keep it suitably.
  • Always dispose of old diaper correctly.
  • Use products that are Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.
  • Use a healing ointment after every diaper change.
  • Always keep your baby dry.

Those steps will help you to change a diaper correctly and prevent diaper rash! I know you are the best mom in the world, every mother is!

A mother never needs to learn how to care for her baby! However, I think you all know these steps and tips I just wrote to remind you! You are the best, and you will always be to your child! So, we are done for today. We will be back soon, till then read about maternity support belt, maternity jeans, best back scrubber or baby play mat.

Go on Mother!

Diaper Changing Tips For Careful Mothers
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