Miscarriage Cause, Signs, What To Expect

It’s not easy for any women to go through a miscarriage. Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy. It can happen when the mom is 20 weeks pregnant or less than that. Miscarriage can break down the person both physically and mentally. It creates immense pressure on the mother who just lost her baby and for the father as well. It’s like snatching away everything from them.

Miscarriage is not a thing which any parents expect. It’s an unexpected situation. Accidents can happen in life, and they will never give you any sign of their coming. However, you must be prepared for them. Miscarriage can take place even after leading a healthy life if you are misfortune enough. Furthermore, these are a few specific things that can cause miscarriage.

The following things can be the reason or cause of miscarriage:

1. Use of drug:

The drug itself is a harmful thing. It can destroy anyone’s life within a short period. Now, if you are pregnant and still you are taking any drug without any control, miss fortune can happen. However, drugs should be avoided even if you are not pregnant. It is extremely harmful to your health!

2. Smoking: 

You may read the quote so many times in your life that ‘smoking is injurious to health.’ During pregnancy, it’s always better to avoid things that can harm you or the baby. An excessive amount of smoking can be a major cause of miscarriage.

3. Drinking:

Drinking excessive amount of alcohol is not good for one’s health. During pregnancy, it is strongly prohibited. An extreme amount of drinking during pregnancy might be a reason for losing the pregnancy.

4. Mental pressure or trauma:

Moms need to stay happy and pressure free during pregnancy. Stress is not a good thing for anyone. During pregnancy taking a lot of mental pressure or any trauma might cause miscarriage.

5. Bacteria:

Bacteria is a dangerous thing. It can cause different types of diseases. When it comes to pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage, so moms need to be extra careful from these.

Miscarriage symptoms

Signs of miscarriage:

  • It will not happen suddenly. It will give some signs such as:
  • Moms will fell an excessive amount of pain on their back. It’s a significant sign of miscarriage.
  • Unusual discharge, including blood clots or even a gush of fluid, it could be a sign of miscarriage.
  • Foul-smelling flow or discharge that brings vaginal soreness is another sign of miscarriage.
  • Some tissue type material or colt material will pass through is accident happens.
  • White – pink mucus will be seen if the miscarriage happens

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Real life Miscarriage Story

What to do if a miscarriage occurs or expect:

You need to keep calm. You can’t change what happened, and there is no way that you can stop it or fix things back to its place. Should consult with a doctor as soon as possible so that any further damage might not occur shortly. You have to start from the beginning and think about the mistakes you have done so that miscarriage does not happen to you again.

Becoming a mother is every women’s wish, and if you want to fulfill that wish, then you must be careful during pregnancy so that any miscarriage won’t take place and you have a healthy baby. In the meantime you can read our essential product reviews & tips for pregnancy timeline.

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Miscarriage Cause, Signs, What To Expect
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