What To Wear And What Not To Wear When You Are Expecting

The time is during pregnancy is very crucial. From eating to clothing, you have to be very careful about everything. You are not alone now. You have to think about the baby as well. The bump is growing and to accommodate it, at some point, you’ll need specific maternity clothing’s in your wardrobe.

It’s not necessary to spend much on maternity dresses. A careful selection of different types of clothes and wears will suffice your need.

But before that, let’s look at the things which you should avoid wearing during your pregnancy: [/su_note]

What not to wear when you are expecting

Avoiding some clothes and garments during pregnancy is a must. It is essential to be careful about this crucial issue as wrong selection of dresses may cause harm not only to you but also to your baby. Scroll down to see what should be avoided this time:

  • Clothes that are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester should be avoided entirely. Clothes made of synthetic material is not easily breathable. You will feel irritated as these clothes will trap heat inside.
  • If there is any permanent press or wrinkle-free tag in clothe, you should avoid that as well. According to experts, these garments are made of chemicals that can harm the skin.
  • Tight fitting clothes are strongly prohibited during maternity. If the clothing is tightened around the belly, it will put pressure on your tummy. It can hurt you and your baby. Besides, you can’t move comfortably wearing tight clothes.
  • During pregnancy, you have to visit toilet frequently. That’s why you should avoid those clothes that are difficult to take off.
  • Shoes with heels should also be avoided. You will gain weight. So, it would be tough for you to keep balance while on high heels.

What to wear during pregnancy

Pregnancy is no longer an obstacle. Women of this era don’t want to hide their pregnancy. Instead, they enjoy to wear dresses, and they celebrate their pregnancies. Manufacturers noticed this change in behavior and served them by making specially designed maternity clothes that provide elegance and comfort at the same time. Scroll down to see what you can wear when you are expecting:

Clothing’s for working Women during their pregnancy:

Well, for women in different professions, it is quite challenging to pick the right wear. Though you can continue wearing regular clothes during the first 3 months, after that you should look for some maternity clothes. Such as:

Maternity Shirts

Maternity Shirts:

You can wear shirts that are specially designed for the pregnant women. If you go for maternity shirts, you don’t have to pick the larger size. Rather you can select your current size in the maternity version.


Maternity Jeans:

For office going women, jeans are the coolest outfit. During pregnancy, you can wear them while going to the office. But you should switch to maternity jeans for more fit and comfort.


Maternity Tops:

There are lots of maternity tops available in the market. They come in various designs. Easy to wear, comfortable and elegant.

Maternity Jackets

Maternity Jackets:

If comfort and looks are your utmost concern, you should go for maternity jackets during winter. They come in various designs and different price ranges. These are very comfortable and made of skin-friendly materials.

Maternity Coats

Maternity Coats:

During winter, maternity coats are the most popular dresses. They are comfortable, elegant, easy to wear and affordable.

Maternity Yoga Pants

Maternity Yoga Pants:

Maternity yoga pants for exercising. These are comfortable and stretchy. Besides, these are made of Cotton, Lycra, Spandex material which is not harmful to your skin as well.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings:

One of the most wanted things during pregnancy. You can wear maternity leggings that are made of natural fabrics. Leggings are good for exercising as well as for other times. Very useful for walking, going to parties, or even going to the office.

Maternity Swimwear

Maternity Swimwear:

Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise during this time recommended by many doctors and experts. Soft maternity swimwear’s can help you with this.

Maternity bras

Maternity bras:

During your pregnancy, your breast will change shapes and will increase in size. Switching to maternity bras is the wisest decision in this time. Those are made of specific fabrics to provide you comfort. Besides, those will remain fit with your growing breast.

Maternity Panties

Maternity Panties:

These are specially designed for pregnant women, so comfort is the major thing you will get. Maternity panties are must have things during pregnancy.

Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Support Belt:

You will need maternity support belt during pregnancy. Your body will change a lot, and you will gain massive weight throughout your journey. Your body can’t balance your tummy properly. For that, a maternity support belt is a must-have.

I hope now you know what to wear during pregnancy and what not to wear. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and loved ones.

What To Wear And What Not To Wear When You Are Expecting
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